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IB Folio
Interactive Brokers
TWS (Interactive Brokers)
Where are my strategies ???
Where am I
in my options
and spreads ???
How much premium do I get
on my Credit Spreads
expi January?
Damn! I'm wrong again
building my Spread order
#@$%@ Strategy builder!!!
For my Covered Call,
which strike offers the
best annual return?
What's my current margin %
compared to the VLN ??
Any upcoming Earnings
in my portfolio?
I must be careful!
Any quick view of the markets there? VIX? Skew?
Well... no!
It would be cool to be notified when my friends go
Credit Spreads ...
With IB, maybe in 10 years! 
On the next expi,
I earn how much theta (Time Value) per day?
How to calibrate
my strategies on
an identical risk?
Where's the option screener that brings me the best Spreads
from my list of symbols?

@#Z &X$ !!!
Get the most out
of your TWS platform Interactive BrokersInteractive Brokers®

Start TWS

Start IB Folio

Off you go !

1 software
in 1 min!

From the launch ...

... IB Folio connects to TWS

and analyzes your portfolio TWS.

IB Folio automatically detects and reconstructs all your TWS portfolio's strategies

In a matter of seconds,

your fully customizable DASHBOARD

tells you where you stand

4 Legs Strategies detected by IB Folio:

3 Legs Strategies detected by IB Folio:

2 Legs Strategies detected by IB Folio:

1 Leg Strategies detected by IB Folio:

Interactive Brokers
IB Folio
Combo Spread

In total, IB Folio can detect

 32 strategies !

Easy tracking for simpler trading decisions:

each strategy has its own specific screen

Hover over the image with the mouse to enlarge

An example of IB Folio specific screen:

Credit Put Spreads in your portfolio

> Strategy chart

> Actual position of the stock price on the chart

> Max Loss, Max Profit, and Breakeven

> Current Premium maturity (% compared to the max)

> PNL at expiration if current price does not move

> Theta / day, Greeks ...

With a single click, view it on TradingView

Option sellers,

Boost your performance

My list of symbols
Max contract number
Risk management
Minimum Premium
Maximum Loss
Distance between Strikes



unique in the world

included at no extra charge

Covered Calls
Naked Puts
Call Spreads
Put Spreads
in the world?
Because the limit strike of the short option can be adjusted,
for each symbol,
directly on his chart!
The IB Folio screeners are also:

  • Lists of defined symbols (unlimited number)
  • 24,000 spreads / 12,000 options analyzed per minute
  • Calculations with real-time data *
  • Self-calibration of positions according to risk
  • Opening and closing Combo orders  prepared on TWS
  • A clear presentation of results for quick decision-making:
Max Profit, Max Loss
Gain expectation
Annual profitability
Amount of assignment
Range in standard deviation
Upcoming Earnings
Greeks ...

* Interactive Brokers market data subscription may be required

An 'Assistant' mode for beginners

It's nice to know the theory, but it's not always easy in practice ... 

Some IB Folio screeners offer beginners an  'Assistant' mode. 

At each step, tips tell you the best practices.

Enjoy the experience of others!

Each user can broadcast

his new positions

(without amount, and anonymously).

Thus, everyone can see immediately what are the trendy strategies.

If others did, why not you?

Follow your favorites!

Be alerted when your favorite traders

have opened a new position.

An automated real-time notification system informs you of their

new trades by email,

or on your smartphone / tablet

(Mobile version)

IB Folio users:

A community ready to help you

Mobile version: keep in touch!
Get it on Google Play
To miss no opportunity ...

Available onPlay Store, the ANDROID mobile app

offers you the essentials to stay connected:

> Latest news by Google notifications

> Trade alerts (from your fav traders)

> New trades from the community

> 'Stock' screener with charts

Secure connections, encrypted data

Our ongoing challenge is to ensure the highest level of privacy and security for any use of the IB Folio environment (software, website, mobile app ...).

Connection safety

All data received or transmitted by this website or IB Folio to our servers are encrypted using a highlevel encryption key (RC5 key, 16 loops, 256 bits).

Payments are made through PCI DSS Level 1 version 2.0 approved PAYBOX solution (the highest level of certification).

You can surf this site, and use IB Folio safely.

Even if you are in a cybercafe.

Even if you use an unsecured WIFI connection.

Data safety

Similarly, all files on our servers have the same encryption safety. Even if an act of piracy recovers the files, they would be totally unusable.

Your data is safe.

(Frequently Asked Questions)
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I have a Mac. Can I use IB Folio?
Is IB Folio a TWS 'Add-On'? How does it work?
I already use another software that also connects with TWS by API. Can I use IB Folio?
Is the trial version limited?
I manage multiple accounts, or I have an Advisor account at Interactive Brokers.
How much does IB Folio cost?
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