The TWS Options Trading Interface
The best option
for your TWS® platform
 Interactive BrokersInteractive Brokers®

IB Folio automatically detects

and reconstructs all your TWS portfolio's strategies

Stock / ETF / Future

Long Put

Long Call

Naked Put

Naked Call

1 Leg

Covered Call

Covered Put

Married Put

Credit Put Spread

Credit Call Spread

Debit Put Spread

Debit Call Spread

Long Straddle

Short Straddle

Long Strangle

Short Strangle

Calendar Put

Calendar Call

Diagonal Put

Diagonal Call

2 Legs


Long Put Butterfly

Long Call Butterfly

Short Put Butterfly

Short Call Butterfly

Risk Twist Spread Put

Risk Twist Spread Call

3 Legs

Long Put Condor

Long Call Condor

Iron Butterfly

Iron Condor

Calendar Straddles

Warrior Earnings

4 Legs

IB Folio can detect

 32 strategies !

Enter your


View your Portfolio's Strategies

Analyze and simulate at will

Create your own strategies

(Unlimited number of legs)

Time and volatility simulators

Color blind compatible

Real-time display requires subscription to Interactive Brokers market data

Adjust, mix, and combine
several strategies '
in one click'

You have an Iron Condor

You want to adjust it

You prepared an adjustment


You want to combine

these two strategies,

and see what it gives ?

In a matter of seconds,

your fully customizable DASHBOARD

tells you where you stand

Trades posted by the community

Near Earnings

Near Expirations

NLV & Margin

Portfolio positions



by strategy

US Markets

Heatmap of

portfolio underlyings

View your strategy at the LAB

in one click

Leader ? Follower ?

Both ?

Thanks to IB Folio, you can share your strategies with all users. And also take advantage of community trades.

If you rather want a private distribution (to your subscribed customers for example), a code sharing system allows your 'followers' to retrieve your entire confidential strategy with a single click.

Option sellers,

Boost your performance

My list of symbols
Max contract number
Risk management
Minimum Premium
Maximum Loss
Distance between Strikes



unique in the world

included at no extra charge

Covered Calls
Naked Puts
Call Spreads
Put Spreads
in the world?
Because the limit strike of the short option can be adjusted,
for each symbol,
directly on its chart!
The IB Folio screeners are also:

  • Lists of defined symbols (unlimited number)
  • 24,000 spreads / 12,000 options analyzed per minute
  • Calculations with real-time data *
  • Self-calibration of positions according to risk
  • Opening and closing Combo orders  prepared on TWS
  • A clear presentation of results for quick decision-making:
Max Profit, Max Loss
Gain expectation
Annual profitability
Amount of assignment
Range in standard deviation
Upcoming Earnings
Greeks ...

* Interactive Brokers market data subscription may be required

An 'Assistant' mode for beginners

It's nice to know the theory, but it's not always easy in practice ... 

Some IB Folio screeners offer beginners an  'Assistant' mode. 

At each step, tips tell you the best practices.

Enjoy the experience of others!

Each user can broadcast

his new positions

(without amount, and anonymously).

Thus, everyone can see immediately what are the trendy strategies.

If others did, why not you?

Follow your favorites!

Be alerted when your favorite traders

have opened a new position.

An automated real-time notification system informs you of their

new trades by email,

or on your smartphone / tablet

(Mobile version)

IB Folio users:

A community ready to help you

Mobile version: keep in touch!
Get it on Google Play
To miss no opportunity ...

Available onPlay Store, the ANDROID mobile app

offers you the essentials to stay connected:

> Latest news by Google notifications

> Trade alerts (from your fav traders)

> New trades from the community

> 'Stock' screener with charts

(Frequently Asked Questions)
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Is the trial version limited?
I manage multiple accounts, or I have an Advisor account at Interactive Brokers.
How much does IB Folio cost?
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